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Hosted by Julianna Whitlow
Spiritual Mentor, Soul Seer, Death Priestess, and CEO of A Clair Mindset

A 10- Day Journey to tap into your soul's memory to remember your gift and purpose

April 24th - May 5th
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What is a Clair?

Clair's are our energetic senses commonly referred to as our "psychic abilities." Just like our physical senses guide us through our physical world, our Clair's are meant to guide us through the energetic world.

Clairvoyance | Clairaudience | Clairsentience | Claircognizance | Clairailience |Clairgustance

10 Days | 10 Live Interviews with Topic Experts | 10 Live Connection Sessions with Jewls

"One day, I awoke and decided enough was enough, and it was time to reclaim my power back by remembering who I am"

In 2018 I had what I thought was my dream life. I had made my career goals, was happy in my marriage, had three beautiful children, and was purchasing a dream house in the woods. On paper, I had it all; I had achieved my goals. So, why was I so miserable and unfulfilled?

I dreaded getting up and going to work. I missed out on most family time due to work, and I kept feeling, "this is not enough," while asking myself, "what will be enough."

When will my internal happiness and satisfaction meet my external reality? Relying on external factors to bring me joy.

Then one day, I awoke and stated it was time to claim my power back. What does that mean, though? What does that look like? Where do I even start? I have never viewed myself as someone in their power, so how would I manage to be able to stand in it suddenly? To be able to trust myself?

And so my journey of remembrance began. You see, to stand in our power, we must remember and know who we are. We get to go deep within our souls and ask the questions of self-discovery. Pull outward our darkness to show it to ourselves and fill it with unconditional love. To live a life of truth and total authenticity.

This is why this 10-Day Challenge has been created and knowingly titled "Remember."  To allow us to join hands and journey together on the path of self-discovery. To bring forward tools and resources that you can tap into and use to find your truth. To access your soul's memories to support you in knowing who you are, in opening up your gifts, and in revealing your purpose.

Tools such as those listed below and presented by topic experts

Human Design |Gene Keys |

Surrendering to Your Remembering | Astrology | Living Your Purpose |Intuitive Dance |Breathwork |Shamanic Tools to Ignite Your  Intuition |Faith Deconstruction |Soul Contracts

You will end this 10-Day challenge with

  • A more profound knowing, understanding, and acceptance of self 

  • Connection with your soul and access to your soul's memories

  • Access to your gifts and purpose

Topic Expert Speakers

human design.png

Human Design Junkie | Clarity Coach.

Human Design

gene keys.png

Wisdom Channel | Transdimensional Seer | Mystical Mentor

Gene Keys

Astonomical Clock

Evolutionary | Intuitive Astrologer

DSC__7675   - Tonya Dee.jpg

Tonya Dee


Fears of the Ghost in the Darkness

Wisdom Channel

Wisdom Channel


Reiki Master | Life Coach




Intuitive | Soul Contract Reader

Soul Contracts


Spiritual Rapper | Joy Finder | Purpose Leader

Living Your Purpose

Illumination process_edited.jpg

Shamanic Author | Speaker | Teacher | Healer


Tools for Intuition

Girl Relaxing

Breathwork Facilitator/Teacher |  Healer

download (15).jfif

TranscenDANCE | The Dancing Gypsy Doctor

Conscious Dance

Autumn Fashion

to Remember!


What you can expect to leave with after completing your 10-Day Challenge to Remember

  • Gain a deeper connection and knowledge of self​

  • Enhance your psychic gifts (Clairs) and gain a greater understanding of your soul's purpose

  • Align with your truth to be authentically you, always, and have an understanding of what that means and who that is.

  • Multiple light bulb moments of the idea, thoughts, purpose, and gifts coming into alignment and the deep knowing and accepting of your true soul self.

  • Raised vibration, frequency and ability to connect, sense, and understand the energies and workings of the Universe. Illumination of your light being.

  • Clearing the clouds of disorientation and confusion to gain access to your inner wisdom at your desire. 

  • Connection, healing and acceptance of our darkness. Knowing that it is needed to transcend into the light.

  • Alignment and oneness of mind, body, and soul.

  • A greater understanding of the tools available for soul discovery.

Why a 10-Day Challenge to Remember

I have uncovered a lot on this journey of remembrance. I have found my soul's purpose, my soul's truth, and my soul's gifts by allowing myself to remember. I have uncovered trauma, truths, beauty, hardship, and what I would have thought as impossible realities. I have cried through grief and joy. I have mourned the loss of who I was. In all of this, I have gotten to celebrate whom I am becoming. I am a person of connection.  I am a person who lives in their truth and authenticity always. I am a person who guides and supports others on their journey of remembrance.

Through remembering, I have discovered that our life, our activations, our enhancements, our gifts, and our energetic shifts are not outside of ourselves. Everything comes from within, from our memories. You see, I discovered that we have all lived many lives of connection with our souls. Of knowing exactly who we are. We make this more difficult on ourselves now by searching outside of ourselves for the answers. Looking at time as linear and that there is a past, present, and future. Time is in the now. Time is in the present moment. We are able to access all information by stepping into timelessness and simply remembering. 

This 10-day challenge presents you with the tools and the experts to do just this.


I'd love to invite you.....

  • To live a life as the image at the top of this page, to live a life of connection and understanding of the workings of self and the Universe. 

  • To be able to tap into our soul memories to retrieve information that we seek when we seek. 

  • To have an expansive understanding of who we are, mind, body, and soul.

  • To know how the energies within us work and how they work. That they are tied to every part of us.

  • Every milestone, road bump, and the path has been created for us by us, and the energies and stories reveal their truth. We can read these through the tools given to us here.

How to have the most success in remembering
Attend all interviews, either live or recording

Attend all Connection Sessions, either live or recording

Complete homework and exercises

Journal and share what memories are revealing themselves to you


White Structure

Who this Challenge IS for

Individuals that have a deep curiosity about the Universe, its working, the energy within and how we are affected, and the roles we play in this connection.

Those with a yearning desire to know who they are, to trust in their wisdom, to draw on their soul memories to reveal their gifts and purpose.

If you are ready to know your truth, to surrender old stories, to stand in your wisdom, to honor who you are. 

This 10-Day Challenge is NOT for 

Anyone who wants the answers handed or told to them. Who are not willing to do the work to access their own memories and knowledge.

Those who are not willing to heal trust in themselves. Not willing to ask questions and get curious, and know that your truth is within you, and you must trust and believe that.

Individuals that are not willing to have an open mind accept others' opinions, ideas, and thoughts as well as learn new behaviors to expand their spiritual/souls journey.


A Clair Mindset 10-Day Challenge to Remember
April 24th-May 5th
Mon-Fri each week 
Connection Session Live with Jewls at 4 pm est
Live Expert Interview 7 pm est

Recordings will be available for 24hrs after the interview is complete
The link will be sent out via email as well as posted in The Thin Line FaceBook Group

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Julianna Whitlow

     Julianna Whitlow is a Spiritual Mentor, Death Priestess, and the CEO of A Clair Mindset, a lifestyle brand that helps women connect back to their natural psychic abilities and remember who they are on a soul level. Her signature process takes her clients through a series of exercises that strengthens their energetic senses and empowers them to trust their intuition, while also providing them with a sacred container so that they can essentially be reborn into a person who is connected, fulfilled, and aligned with their mystical side.

     As a Soul Seer, Julianna is able to see a person's reason for reincarnation, their soul gifts, and who they are on a soul level which allows her to support them in “remembering”. As a Death Priestess, she walks her clients through the sacred journeys of death and rebirth that we encounter throughout our life journey to be reborn into our truest forms. Julianna is not someone who has known she is “psychic” or spiritually intuned all of her life. In fact, up to a couple of years ago, she was a “typical” businesswoman in the hustle of our patriarchal society trying to “succeed” in life.

     She has, however, always dealt with depression and anxiety and no form of treatment was successful. In 2020 she realized her strongest Clair was Clairsentient, Clair feeling, and through much work over the past two years has come to understand that a lot of the depression and anxiety she was feeling, was not truly hers. She has since been on a journey to guide others in connecting with their soul and remember whom they are while activating their Clairs.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

It is incredible to be able to watch my clients remember who they are. Hearing their stories of how they have deepened their connection to self and opened up their Clairs makes me so passionate about this work. It has allowed them to connect with the Divine, embrace their journey into Mediumship, and transform themselves through trust and surrender”.


- Julianna Whitlow


It is time to SURRENDER and activate your Clairs!

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