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Soul Contracts

Gellyahnah Aakhen
Intuitive Soul Contract Interpreter

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Born with intuitive talents, Gellyahnah always felt different from everyone and from a very young age had a strong fascination with mysticism.
As a teen, she would seek out psychics, study astrology, palm readers, and anything esoteric she could get her hands on. While she was always in touch with this aspect of her essence, it was the end of her marriage that took her on a healing journey and a deep spiritual quest.
While healing her heart from childhood wounds, betrayal, and abandonment she discovered the ancient methodology of the Soul Contract work.
Decoding and understanding her own Soul Contract, what her soul signed up for in this life, played such an instrumental part in her own healing and awakening, that she decided to become a Soul Contracts Practitioner to help others heal and remember their purpose in this incarnation.

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Topic Title
Discovering Your Soul's Contract through the Sound Frequency of your Birth Name

Souls choose their birth name, prior to reincarnating because the particular sound frequencies are needed to create an experience.
This becomes your Soul Contract. - Your birth name creates your reality - From your birth name, I'm able to derive your karma, talents to work through life's challenges, goals you're meant to achieve and ultimately the soul's core mission.
- Explanation of how this method works
- How this work can be done to find karmic connections between people (romantic partners, family members)
- Conscious parenting: Understanding your child's chart to better guide them through life


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Day 7 Remember Session

Day 7 Remember Session

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