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Human Design Speaker

Kate Varness
Human Design Junkie, Clarity Coach

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Kate Varness is a Certified Coach and Quantum Human Design Specialist who helps smart AF businesswomen prepare for their next level of leadership and be the unmasked, unapologetic version of who they truly are.

Kate’s a multibook author and international speaker. She loves sharks, binge-watching historical dramas, and using oracle decks. A mom of 3 young adults, Kate lives in Peoria, Illinois with her husband and Chief Operating Dog, Mickey.

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Topic Title
Human Design: How to Remember Yourself

Learn what Human Design is, how to get your chart, and how to understand the vocabulary that will give you the power to remember and use your human design to make your life easier.

Free Gift that will be sent out with interview

Align Your Energy Using Human Design.

Start your journey with Human Design by understanding your Energy Type, the first important step to live with more ease.


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