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Taryn Leigh Bond
Evolutionary | Intuitive Astrologer

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Taryn Leigh Bond is a professional Evolutionary-Intuitive Astrologer who practices and reads with a humanistic, soul-based approach.

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Astrology of the Soul: Your Celestial DNA

Since the beginning of time, humanity has marveled at the night sky and sought answers in the movements of the glowing stars and magnificent sun and moon. Today we have a comprehensive body of research as old as time that calls upon ancient wisdom… wisdom that you likely have known well in prior life experiences. In this discussion we will introduce the “language of the spheres” and explore pathways back to this sacred knowing, with grounded practices that you can implement immediately to begin understanding your energetic makeup.

Free Gift 
Guided Meditations for the Zodiac Signs

Amazing guided meditations for your BIG 3! Recommended that you listen to your sun and moon sign meditation first.

Day 7 Remember Session

Day 7 Remember Session

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Day 7 Interview Taryn Leigh Bond

Day 7 Interview Taryn Leigh Bond

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