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Fragile Pampas


Jewls was absolutely fantastic in every way, she helped me connect with my ascended relatives and spirit guides and helped provide a ton of clarity surrounding each of my concerns. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone who is on their spiritual journey and wants a medium who knows their stuff. 1000/10 will be booking again in the future!


I recently had a Akashic Records reading with Jewls that was so very helpful! She was able to access my Akashic Records and find the most relevant past life that was blocking my now progress in my Spiritual Awakening. She also is connected to all my guides who gave specific tips on setting intentions before meditation to help me release a karmic debt. The whole experience was so healing and very helpful. I recommend a reading with Jewls!!


First and foremost, Jewls is amazing. Not only is she amazing, but her gifts are beautiful. The first time I met jewls was when I was going through a really rough time, and I needed what I felt like was so much more clarity then I could offer myself. She instantly offered her time to help me, her and I talked for like 50 minutes. She did that with no ask of cost or anything, she was a kind soul who helped me in a moment I needed someone the most. She’s fun to talk to and she has such wisdom, secretly I wish I could ask her all the questions lol but I know she already gives so much of her time and energy to the collective that google will just have to do instead. If you’re standing on a balance beam asking yourself if you should get a reading or not, then just instantly stop yourself right there, and do it. Seriously, do it. I’ve had a couple of readings done before, but how jewls speaks is like nothing else. If you’re still on the fence and didn’t take my word, let me give you an example. And by the way, if you made it this far, that should already tell you something about why you found her and why you’re questioning booking. Hmmmm. I asked jewls why I wasn’t feeling well, as to my health declined rapidly. She asked me if I was pregnant and because I had and IUD it was the last thought I had. But I took a test and I was pregnant, that same day I had a miscarriage. The next day I was rushed into surgery because I was bleeding internally. If it weren’t for jewls, sharing the ever so awkward are you pregnant question…I would’ve never had the few happy hours of celebrating my pregnancy, I would’ve mistaken my bleeding for a bad on set period, and I could’ve possibly passed out with no help and ultimately could’ve lost my life. Jewls was a gift to me from my spirit team and angels, and if you’re still here reading this, then please…please let jewls be that gift for you too. Your money is well worth her time and energy, in fact stop reading this, and stop wasting time and go book her. I promise, you won’t regret it.


Every time I connect with Jewls, my guides go completely crazy and they love and trust her. She's a great medium, with her best intentions coming from a place of love and light. She uses her gifts to help others and transmits the knowlage,words and guidance of our passed loved ones and guides to help us through our path. Would 100% recommend her as she is straight forward, acurate and truly a wonderful soul with a wonderful gift.


Jewls has helped me and my wife both ! She helped me by sharing how to talk to my higher self and then bringing me to be open to all the guides along with Melissa to bring em the truth in everything and showed me that Jesus does exist and brought him to me to take away what I been holding onto for 23 years of knowing I was molested and ever since she brought me that I been so happy like a child ! She also connected to my wife grandmother in and got me and my wife of 10 years to open up to each other like we never done and we are still growing and I am forever thankful for jewls ! I am so proud to call you my friend you powerful loving beautiful woman love you 😍!

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