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Seeking a community to connect and grow Spiritually?

Looking for ways to heal and discover the deeper layers of you?

Do you desire mentors to support, guide, and help you heal on your spiritual journey?

Welcome to 

A Clair Mind Body Soul
The spiritual self-care membership that keeps all pillars of self in balance.


Monthly membership to connect with, heal, and grow all aspects of yourself. 

Starting at just $35/month




A Clair Mind Body Soul is a spiritual self-care program that we have cultivated to keep our three pillars clear, balanced, and nurtured. This is a place for you to focus on keeping all aspects of your Self in harmony through:

  •  monthly energetic and informational events

  • weekly energy forecasts

  • weekly lives. These lives range from breathwork, to spiritual philosophy, to readings, to astrology

All the while providing you with a community to find like-minded souls to support each other in our path of healing and growth.

Led by three powerful and amazing healers, The Death Priestess and CEO of A Clair Mindset, Decidedly Debbie, & Reiki with Salome


This is a space to give you the tools to heal, and to inform yourself in your quest to connecting to your inner guidance of your Mind, your Body, and your Soul, with clarity and brilliance. Take your well being on a whole new level and subscribe today

The Mind

The mind, our centre of thought, knowledge and wisdom. It is where we process our physical senses and our intuition.

Three Women

Three Pillars of Self

We are infinite beings having a temporary human experience, an experience that is filled with magic, wonder, lessons, and growth. We have chosen to take a lifelong journey guided, informed, and lived by our three aspects of self: Our mind, our body, and our soul; the incredible trinity that is who we are:

Enjoying Outdoor

The Body

The body, our sacred vessel in human form. Our body contains over 37 trillion cells all operating on behalf and in community for our optimal existence.

The Soul

The soul, our essence and spiritual being.


While spiritual self-care membership might not be a common term or concept, it can be understood as a commitment to prioritizing and nurturing one's spiritual well-being through self-care practices. 

  1. Personal Reflection and Contemplation: setting aside regular time for personal reflection, meditation, prayer, or mindfulness practices. This allows individuals to connect with their inner selves, explore their beliefs, and find inner peace. Do this on your own or be led on a meditation at one of our monthly/weekly events.

  2. Mind-Body-Soul Connection: We emphasize the integration of mind, body, and soul. Engaging in our events such as journeying, qigong, meditation, luminous energy field healing, ancestral healing, reiki, mindset work and much more can support you in attaining a foster sense of balance, harmony, and well-being.

  3. Rituals and Ceremonies: Members will be able to  participate in spiritual rituals, ceremonies, or traditions that hold personal significance. These may include lighting candles, performing affirmations, creating altars, or engaging in sacred rituals that align with one's spiritual beliefs.

  4. Connecting with Nature: Many individuals find solace and connection to their spirituality through nature. Our spiritual self-care membership hosts events that encourage spending time in nature, such as walking in the woods, reiki in the woods, or observing natural phenomena, as a means of connecting with the divine or higher power.

  5. Mindful Mindset: Our spiritual self-care membership emphasizes conscious mindset and connection to all that is. We host classes, seminars, and summit that gains you access to state of the art energy connection resources.

  6. Personal Growth and Learning: We include a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. We recommend and provide options for different spiritual texts, attending workshops, engaging in personal development exercises, or seeking guidance from spiritual mentors or teachers at a discounted rate with each membership.

Essential Membership 
14-Day Free Trial

  • Members only Facebook group

  • Weekly collective energy reading

  • Choose one A Clair Mindset Event to attend at no charge

  • Access to three amazing spiritual healers for mentorship and guidance

  • 10% Discount on private services, classes, and courses

  • Members only events

  • Weekly lives from team healers

VIP Membership 
14-Day Free Trial

  • Members only Facebook group

  • Weekly collective energy reading

  • Choose Two A Clair Mindset Event to attend at no charge

  • Access to three amazing spiritual healers for mentorship and guidance

  • 25% Discount on private services, classes, and courses

  • Members only events

  • Weekly lives from team healers

Meet The Healers


Deborah Merced

  • Instagram
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Hi, I’m Debbie Merced. 
I am a certified Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, and Reiki Master Teacher. My holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients to live their best life.  By identifying where growth is desired and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams.

In addition to my coaching work, I am also a skilled officiant who performs weddings, vow renewals, house blessings, and funerals. With a warm and caring presence, I create beautiful and meaningful ceremonies that honor the unique beliefs and traditions of each individual or family.

I am lifelong learner who is constantly seeking to deepen my own spiritual practice and expand my knowledge of different faiths and traditions. I am a firm believer in the power of community and I work tirelessly to create inclusive and welcoming spaces for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors, gardening, reading, and practicing meditation. I live in Southern California with my partner Louie.


Julianna Whitlow "Jewls"

The Death Priestess

A Clair Mindset

  • Instagram
  • The Thin Line Group
  • TikTok

I am Julianna Whitlow, a Spiritual Self-Discovery Coach that supports those that have gone through a significant life event that has rocked their core identity and are now seeking to answer the question, “Who am I?” Through tools such as soul retrieval and soul reflection, I help you unlock your soul's memory of who you really are by opening up your Clairs/energy senses. This allows you to reflect and understand how all life events are playing into your overall story and creating the person you are meant to be. My services connect the bridge between standing on the precipice of change and fear of taking the leap to total acceptance and understanding of you. 

My life’s mission is to live a life of connection, openness, and transformation. I am the Death Priestess, the one that walks the thin line between death and rebirth and supports others in crossing over when those significant life events occur and transformation and transition are required. I am here to show others that the Universal Energies are working for us and not against us and that connecting with our Clairs, remembering who we are at a soul level, and healing ourselves is how we overcome life's most traumatic events. 


Salom'e Hanlon

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