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Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly is the Co-Founder of Bali based personal development platform YogiLab, and Founder and lead coach of Breath Masters, an online International school for Transformational Breath Coach certification.


Through Brian’s retreats, workshops, online challenges, courses, private and group sessions he has helped over 15,000 students worldwide overcome the epidemic of mental health challenges, including; chronic stress, anxiety, depression all while breaking through limiting beliefs and childhood traumas, creating space for rapid growth, healing and transformation.

Brian’s unique style of breathwork combines the power of conscious connected breathing, with hypnotherapy, brain entrainment and sound frequency technology all stacked to deliver a world class subconscious mind bending experience unlike anything else yet seen in the world of breathwork.

One of Brian’s recent students had this to say:


”That was such a beautiful experience. Really hard, but then, WOW, so profound. I just counted, since my childhood, I’ve done about 3,315 hours of yoga/meditation/breathwork... be it attending trainings, teaching or attending classes or self practice. Out of all those beautiful experiences and modalities, this has to be one of the most powerful.”

Title of Talk

The Ultimate Reset

Description of Talk

The mental health epidemic is at an all time high. Anti-depression drugs are up 400% since 1988. Stress, anxiety and depression diagnosis in the US alone has jumped from 11% pre-covid to 41% post covid. The good news is there is a way out. Breathwork is the way. It's easy to learn and virtually anyone can practice. Get ready for the reset of a lifetime.

Free Gift

My signature 9D Breathwork Journey experience for Trauma Release & Transformation

Free Gift Description

Trauma Release Breathwork with Brian


Trauma Release Breathwork is one of the safest and fastest ways to release old traumas, stuck energies, complexes and bio-energetic blocks from the body, using the most powerful force we have within our body - our breath.


These sessions are the ultimate reset and leave students feeling re-born, renewed, rejuvenated, liberated from our deepest struggles and feeling a sense of freedom and aliveness.


This experience was curated to allow the student access to the deepest parts of their own psyche and subconscious mind. Once into the realm of the unconscious, students are expertly guided through a process of calling to the surface their deepest fears, limiting beliefs, old patterns, and psycho-spiritual wounds so that these frequencies can be liberated from the body - and set free from the mind.


Brian’s unique and signature Breathwork experience combines the power of:


- Breathwork

- 432HZ Tuned Music

- Hypnotherapy

- High Definition 9D Sound

- Subliminal Messaging

- Binaural Beats

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