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Gerly from SoulSpark

Gerly is a certified trauma informed somatic coach who changes lives by guiding people back to their bodies and empowers them to embrace their limitless potential by learning to surf the inevitable part of life through their emotional waves. Her most used modalities include inner child healing, somatic practices and guided meditations.

Title of Talk

How To Live & Lead Your Life With A Full Body YES

Description of Talk

Join Gerly and I to discuss the power of somatic approach when it comes to living a life with your whole body saying "YES" to it, learning to "tune in" and trusting your inner, most accurate wisdom. In order to hear & truly be guided by this powerful voice within - intuition - we need to learn to drop into the body and differentiate thoughts from emotions from intuition (different pillars of how the body communicates with us). Viewing intuition through trauma informed & somatic lens (meaning how our previous traumas can cut us off from this powerful force and make us question our own truth).​

Free Gift

"How To STOP Self-Sabotaging NOW" 

In this training you'll learn what forces you to self-sabotage (and you can't change anything while you're standing in the dark!), become aware of the repeating patterns that hold you back in life & ACTUALLY change them (yes, it IS possible!).

We're going to talk about healthy boundaries, self-respect, and taking real action steps that make you feel good and in control of your own life and give out tools on how to finally stop the "self-sabotaging" cycle.

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