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Shanté MorgAnderson

Shante’ MorgAnderson is a born psychic who’s human mission is to help others to create a life with intention, trust in their intuition and allow their highest alignment. 
Acting as a bridge between metaphysics and psychology, Shante’ offers education on integrating intuitive senses, healing the “empath curse” and supporting yourself through psychic awakening. Her work mainly focuses on cosmically originating soul energy called “StarSeeds” and herself often finds challenge in the adventure of being human. 

Shante’ is consistently investing in her own growth and business. Her areas of expertise and certifications currently include: Holy Fire III Reiki Master, Tarot Reader, Tapping, Inner Child Healing, Breathework & Meditation, Addiction Recovery, 200hr Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, Licensed Desire Map Facilitator, InPatient Rehabilitation Graduate, BA in Communication/Media Studies. 

Shante’ is married to her twin flame and a mother to two audacious little boys. She lives for early mornings writing naked on her yoga mat and Sundays film binging with her family. 

Title of Talk

Returning to Earth After Spiritual Psychosis

Free Gift

EFT Tapping Video

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Feeling overwhelmed and unsure if you are enough to get what’s coming up done? I got you. Me too. EFT tapping is a self-healing modality to willfully move energy through your body. We tap through your energy meridian points. Your emotions, mindset, your beliefs are all based in energy.

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