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Amanda Rae 

Psychedelic Integration Coach

Amanda is a psychedelic integration coach that specializes in alternative recovery. Her story is one of true healing and acceptance. Amanda was able to  heal herself from an abusive relationship with heroin 8 years ago, & on this journey discovered that she is a powerful medium & channel. Learning how to work with her gifts rather than run, judge or suppress them, she has transformed her life in ways she could not have dreamed possible. It is her mission & passion to help others do the same.

“I am no guru, only an ever constant, ever evolving disciple of Spirit & LIFE. My goal is to help create teammates! All paths are worthy, all paths are love & all lead home!”

Title of Talk

The path of holistic recovery

Description of Talk

In this interview Amanda will lead us in 

  • exploring attachment 

  • what we call addiction

  • dispelling perfectionism

  • ways to use plants to explore ourselves & traumas

  • Amanda’s version of the 12 steps.

Free Gift

Ego integration activation & transmission

Description of Free Gift

This is a channeled activation that helps us to let go of perfectionism, integrate our ego & align our timeline with the highest timeline.

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