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Candice Johnson

Candice is The Soul Coach. She supports the world’s leaders to activate their soul’s legacy.

Her specialty is using tools to help you recognize your hidden gifts and break through your energy leaks, while developing a relationship with Jesus. 

Candice identifies as a soul reader, amplifier, resistance-clearing-expert, spiritual integrator, and a master-level transformational-leadership coach. A painter and singer. Globally known speaker.

Above all Disciple of God's messages and path

Title of Talk

Encoding Trust into your Blueprints

Description of Talk

Candice leads us in a guided meditation to encode trust into our blueprint of who we are.​

Free Gift

Nervous System Heart Activation Meditation

Free Gift Description

This modality is part of The Spiritual Chiropractic Method. A series of modalities that connect you deeper to your body, your nervous system, and energetic expansion. Dive into this if you want to deepen your intuition, receive messages clearer, and experience a groundedness in your body and energy.

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