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Lettie Sullivan

Lettie Sullivan is a Professional Organizer, International Speaker & Life Coach, Bestselling Author and Priestess of the Sacred Arts.

A modern Mystic with 20+ years of mystical studies, practices and initiations-as well as 16 years in private practice as a Professional Organizer and life coach-synthesized the birth of an online global community space dedicated to the evolution of consciousness occurring on the planet and to provide an energetic framework for a renaissance

 of healing and cultural intelligence.

Title of Talk

Art of Multidimensional Living

Description of Talk

Your intuition is more important than ever to navigate the current times. Having harmony both within you and around you supports you in creating a life you LOVE as well as responding you life's peaks and valleys.

Free Gift

The Divine Order Masterclass

Free Gift Description

Create order and harmony in your life by cultivating Divine Order.

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