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Hosted by Julianna Whitlow & Deborah Merced
October 13th-16th 

Tickets starting at $1999 for early bird pricing

Tucked up in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and harnessing the reflective energy of being on a lake, we are pulling in the energies of Friday the 13th, a Solar Eclipse, and New Moon, to support you in fully releasing the old stories of who your were, for you to remember who you are.

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The key to a life of connection, unconditional self-love, soul purpose, and mastering your soul gifts is.... REMEMBERING WHO YOU ARE! We spend so much energy and time looking outside of ourselves, when the answers have always been within us, waiting to be revealed. 


Join us for a weekend of journeys, ceremonies, energy healing, activations, blockage removals, to guide and support you in activating your soul's memory to open your highest path. A retreat with other like-minded women all supporting, activating, and healing one another. 

This retreat is for women who are ready and eager to activate their highest timeline and are wanting to learn and love themselves unconditionally.

You will leave this weekend with a deep understanding and acceptance who you are and where you want to be with next steps and support on the path forward. Not to mention new life long friendships and connections.

What the energies hold

  • Friday the 13th is a day to honor the cycles of creation, death and rebirth. Friday the 13th was originally considered a very powerful day. It was used to manifest, honor creativity and to celebrate beauty, wisdom and nourishment of the soul.​

  • October 14th New Moon  is a time where fresh starts are called for. We will be taking this energy and harness it to support you in opening a new path of remembrance and living as your most authentic self. 

  • October 14th Solar Eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and the earth, blocking the sun’s rays and casting a shadow on earth. This only happens during a new moon, when the sun and moon are in alignment with each other. Eclipses don’t mess around. They speed up timelines and make what was inevitably happening occur much faster. Alternatively, they can completely change the course of your life, which can be jarring when you feel like you’re going in the right direction. For those who are looking to explore the depths of their subconscious, the solar eclipse of 2023 is the perfect opportunity to do so. By taking the time to meditate, journal, or simply explore their dreams during the eclipse, they can gain insights into their innermost thoughts and feelings.

  • Being on a lake can represent the transition of life, death and resurrection. Taking into consideration its reflecting power, it symbolizes a mirror for self-contemplation as well as a chance for revelation.

  • Being in the mountains is thought to contain divine inspiration, and it is the focus of pilgrimages of transcendence and spiritual elevation. It is a universal symbol of the nearness of God, as it surpasses ordinary humanity and extends toward the SKY and the heavens.

Costs & Accommodations

Payment includes

  • Ticket to attend the Retreat

  • 3 meals/day & snacks

  • All activities and events

  • 2 weeks of group integration support after the retreat

Payment does not cover transportation to and from the retreat.

Accommodations- Early Bird Pricing- SHARED ROOMS-  4 month payment plans available through  Deb and Jewls or at checkout select Klarna.​​

  • Twin Bunk-Bed $1999

  • Full Bunk-Bed $2099

  • Queen Bed $2199 


Hi, I’m Debbie Merced.

I am a certified Spiritual Coach, Life Coach, and Reiki Master Teacher based in Southern California. My holistic approach brings clarity, direction, and positive support for my clients to live their best life. By identifying where growth is desired and holding accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams.

Are you going through a stage in your life where you feel lost, disconnected, unmotivated, or conflicted? Are you feeling a lack and understanding of your true purpose? Or do you just want to upgrade your life to the next level? I am trained in helping people find themselves, find direction, and true happiness in all aspects of their lives.


Hi, I'm Jewls

Julianna Whitlow is a Spiritual Mentor, Death Priestess, and the CEO of A Clair Mindset, a lifestyle brand that helps women connect back to their natural psychic abilities and remember who they are on a soul level. Her signature process takes her clients through a series of exercises that strengthens their energetic senses and empowers them to trust their intuition, while also providing them with a sacred container so that they can essentially be reborn into a person who is connected, fulfilled, and aligned with their mystical side.


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