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Gene Keys

Katerina Satori
Transdimensional Seer | Wisdom Channel | Mystical Mentor

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Katerina Satori’s ultimate devotion is to evolutionary consciousness. Her work is focused on guiding visionary leaders to stand fully in this devotion, too, through transcending stuck attachments, embodying their genius, and ascending into ecstatic co-creation with life.

After moving to the USA at age 23 with $3 in her pocket, she worked towards the spiritual initiation that would forever shape her devotion, and anchor her mission. Katerina is a transdimensional seer, wisdom channel, mystical mentor, and forever student of the path of ecstasy.

You can find her courses, ranging from business brilliance to mystical mastery at

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Topic Title
Gene Keys
The illuminating power of your soul map to help you unlock your inner wisdom and live as your true self.

Free Gift that will be sent out with interview

Karmic Clearing Mini-Course

Start your journey with the Gene Keys by doing a karmic clearing, a set of 3 recordings - energy clearings to shift blocks around self-worth, money, and love.

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