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Independent Study-Before Life to After Death

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Before Life to After Death is a powerful course that takes you on journeys to better understand death, what happens after, reincarnation and so much more. This is an Independent Study with 4 exercises about 20-25 minutes each that you complete at you leisure. It is full amazing experiences and energetically loaded with attunements, blockage removals, and activations that I was guided by Spirit to do. These guided exercises will allow you to open yourself to experience connecting with Spirit, visiting the Akashic Records, and getting a deeper understanding of a souls journey. Topics include: - choosing to incarnate - healing your soul - discovering my life's purpose - what happens after death - past life regression and healing - soul contracts - grief *Warning- This class deeply goes into loss and grief, please be emotionally and energetically ready to do so*. All participants experience will be different. Allow yourself to be open and just experience without setting expectations. These programs are nonrefundable

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