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Embracing the Darkness

Tonya Dee

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“I am Assisting the Peeps!! They need an Assistant to their Healing”

The first few years were an Exploration of all things – You hear the word Medium and what do you think of? Most people see or think it’s all about the deceased, a loved one on the “Other Side”. Which it can be, however, I asked my guide what I should call myself – and quickly – “Holistic Medium” popped into my head.

I then, started to envelop the Energy World beyond a “normal” view. I came across a Modernized Shaman from the Ancient World – Malidoma Patrice’ Some 😉 I “knew” he was the one to assist me. And that, He definitely did – too!

You see, a lot of what happens to us is actually for us. What?? Would I have been ready for what is happening now if I had started earlier? I doubt it – those Mixed Up, Messed Up Steps happened for a reason – to get me on my Pathway.

Topic Title
Stepping into the FEARS of the Ghost in the Darkness

Entering in to our Shadows, the Treasure Box of Innate Wisdom that Lies in the depth of our Soul. This Ancient Wisdom shows our Souls Core Wounds, that opens us up to receive the healing in mini-deaths.

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Free Gift

A FREE Comfort Session
In this Comfort Session, if you are curious, want to know how I can assist you, this 20 minute Comfort Gift Session is exclusively for people who have yet to play with me before. We will explore the "Forces of Adversity," the "Energetic Hiccups," the Messages of the Ancient Wisdom of the Other World. (I also have an online offering called "Secrets of the Otherworld," where we dive into ALL things Shadow ;)

Landing Pages of the two offers Tonya combined just for attendees of this challenge!

Secrets of the Otherworld:

Voices of the Otherworld:

Special pricing just for us!


Day 3 Remember Session

Day 3 Remember Session

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Day 3 Interview with Tonya Dee

Day 3 Interview with Tonya Dee

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