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Hosted by Julianna Whitlow- Spiritual Mentor, Death Priestess, and CEO of A Clair Mindset

Surrender is an intimate group program to help you remember who you are at your soul level by discovering your energetic senses. 

How would your life change if you surrendered to trust and created your own communication style with Spirit?

And I'm not talking about just changing in the way of being able to talk to Spirit.


I'm talking about no longer choosing to be in a state of worry about how it will all work out. I'm talking about deepening your connection with not only the energies of the Universe but deepening the connection with your soul.


LOVING yourself and your life and bringing life-altering joy into your reality. All through remembering who you are and discovering your energetic senses called your Clairs.


You see, this is what I have been able to experience over the past two years as I started my journey to remembering who I am, surrendering to trust, and fully activating my Clairs. 

Activating our Clairs is SURRENDERING


A Clair Mindset is a lifestyle where one opens their mindset to allow in the guidance and support of the energies of the Universe.  

Remembering our energy senses, psychic abilities, or Clairs are just as much a part of us as our physical body senses.

To live a Clair Mindset, we surrender complete trust to the Universe, even when we cannot physically sense where we are going next.

We step out of our physical vessels and bring in our Clairs to allow us to communicate with the energies around us, to guide us, and support us.

The way to SURRENDER is by deepening our connection to ourselves, trusting in our truth, and allowing Universal energy to flood the wisdom and guidance into our bodies through the portal of our Clairs.

"Trust in your sacred ceremony of life and the ritual of surrendering."

We know our truth and connect to the energies around us by allowing our energy senses to come through and accepting our Clairs.

What the Surrender journey is like

Catalyst of change

I'd love to invite you..

to join us on this journey of surrendering.
To walk along side us as we activate our clairs and step into A Clair Mindset.

We meet on Mondays via zoom at 730pm est.

hat you receive:


  • Weekly group meetings: one week of the group will meet for new gift activations and then the next week the group will meet for practicing the new gift to support you in truly integrating all that you are opening up to. 

  • Once a month 30 minute one-on-0ne with Jewls.

  • Training in all the Clairs, channeling, energy work, and how to live a life of trust and surrender with connection.

  • Group chat to lean on each other and ask questions, get tips, and receive guidance.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • What does it mean to Surrender?

  • Overcoming Resistance

  • Developing Self-Confidence and Self-Trust

  • Relaxation & Connection Techniques

  • Communicating & Listening to Energy

  • Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Energy and Spirit

  • Understanding our Emotions

  • Communicating through Emotions

  • Energy Work through Emotions

  • Learn how to Receive Guidance and Trusting the Messenger

  • Living A Clair Mindset

  • What to do when you do not know what to do

  • Finding and Pursuing Your Life Purpose

  • Tower Moments in Life

  • Death

  • Setting Boundaries 

  • Building and Sustaining Habits for Energy Work

  • Surrendering to what is

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Celebrating Gratitude

Surrender is for you if you: 
#1 - want to transform your relationship with yourself and trust.
#2 - know you are the Alchemist of your reality and nothing you need lies outside of you.

#3 - are ready to go deeper than the surface-level activations and truly remember who you are.


Allowing yourself to live with A Clair Mindset means embracing all of you, being authentically you, and living in your truest form…

This has brought the true definition of freedom.

My 3-Step Process:

Step 1- Reveal your strongest Clair and how you work with all your Clairs

Step 2 - Build trust and understanding for you to step into your honorable authority and surrender to your Clairs.

Step 3 - Discover and develop your communication style with energy and Spirit.

And this is why I chose to create Surrender

Surrender is a program from deep within my soul. I have the honor of supporting and guiding others in discovering their unique way of communicating with Spirit, connecting with energy, and learning how to surrender trust again. This is a passion of mine; you see, I have not always known I was a Psychic Medium. I did not always know about Clairs, how they revealed themselves and how everyone has them. I did not understand how the energy felt or how to work with it. I did not trust myself and felt I needed to try and control everything in my life.

I have spent a lifetime struggling with depression and anxiety. It was not until 2-years ago that I discovered that a lot of what I was carrying and suffering from was Spirit trying to communicate with me. I had no idea I was a Medium and had Psychic Abilities. This discovery and learning to create my communication style with Spirit has changed my mental health and life and brought me a way of being that I never thought possible.

The deepest desire in my current journey is to help the collective "remember" who they are at a soul level. The first step is understanding how to communicate with Spirit through your soul gifts, your Clairs. Once your communication style is developed, the energy gates open, and the outcome is limitless.

Join us!
Take the journey to go deep within your soul to bring out wisdom and magic.
Live a life of connection with self, the Universe, and the energy all around us.

Take the journey to remember who you are.
Understand how to work with energy and create whatever you desire.

Take the journey to truly SEE yourself for the first time!
Create a life of communicating and understanding energy and Spirit.

Take the journey to accept and understand that you are safe in surrendering and trusting yourself. 




Julianna Whitlow

     Julianna Whitlow is a Spiritual Mentor, Death Priestess, and the CEO of A Clair Mindset, a lifestyle brand that helps women connect back to their natural psychic abilities and remember who they are on a soul level. Her signature process takes her clients through a series of exercises that strengthens their energetic senses and empowers them to trust their intuition, while also providing them with a sacred container so that they can essentially be reborn into a person who is connected, fulfilled, and aligned with their mystical side.

     As a Soul Seer, Julianna is able to see a person's reason for reincarnation, their soul gifts, and who they are on a soul level which allows her to support them in “remembering”. As a Death Priestess, she walks her clients through the sacred journeys of death and rebirth that we encounter throughout our life journey to be reborn into our truest forms. Julianna is not someone who has known she is “psychic” or spiritually intuned all of her life. In fact, up to a couple of years ago, she was a “typical” businesswoman in the hustle of our patriarchal society trying to “succeed” in life.

     She has, however, always dealt with depression and anxiety and no form of treatment was successful. In 2020 she realized her strongest Clair was Clairsentient, Clair feeling, and through much work over the past two years has come to understand that a lot of the depression and anxiety she was feeling, was not truly hers. She has since been on a journey to guide others in connecting with their soul and remember whom they are while activating their Clairs.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

It is incredible to be able to watch my clients remember who they are. Hearing their stories of how they have deepened their connection to self and opened up their Clairs makes me so passionate about this work. It has allowed them to connect with the Divine, embrace their journey into Mediumship, and transform themselves through trust and surrender”.


- Julianna Whitlow


It is time to SURRENDER and activate your Clairs!

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